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SEO promotion of medical-related sites

Promotion strategy depends on the scale of the medical organization: for giant sites, one thing is important, for highly specialized clinics, another.

The main types of medical facilities and the subtleties of promotion for them:

  • Clinic networks and large organizations. In this case, a huge number of sections and pages are required on one side, therefore a clear and understandable structure for the user is important. Most of the requests for promotion will be commercial, for each service.
  • Specialized clinics – this includes, for example, promotion of the site of dentistry or dermatology. It is important to supplement the semantic core with information requests and offer high-quality expert content on the site.
  • Private doctors and medical rooms (dentists, masseurs, cosmetologists, etc.). Small sites rarely need full-fledged SEO-promotion – clients usually find such specialists based on word of mouth.
  • In addition to clinics, the medical sector includes manufacturers of goods for medical facilities, pharmacies.

Selection of search queries in medical subjects

In the first month of working with the site, we collect the semantic core. The competition in the industry is very high, so it’s better to start promoting medical sites with detailed, mid-frequency queries. It is for them that a “hot” audience is looking for clinics.

You can refine queries by indicating:

  • A city, district, or even a metro station. Medical centers are strongly attached to the place, and people almost always look for a clinic in conjunction with a specific landmark on the map – closer to home or work.
  • A specific service or procedure.
  • Specialties of a doctor or clinic profile.
  • Surnames of the specialist if well-known doctors work in the clinic.

Build a site structure

The main mistake in promoting the site of medical services is an illogical structure. Often clinics mix work information with administrative information: it is not clear where to read about the company and doctors, and where to make an appointment.

And if there are many services and directions, it is easy to “break” the hierarchy and further confuse the user. When the same type of menu items are not grouped, and services and entire directions are listed in the same row, the site visitor does not know where to run.

How to fix it: carefully divide the heterogeneous elements in the site structure and group items of the same order. The sections “About Us”, “Our Specialists”, “Licenses”, etc., are the administrative menu, and the list of services and the page for recording specialists is working. No need to mix them.

Separate different types of menus visually

It is better to separate the different types of menus visually – as an option, make several columns.

In the hierarchy of services, we distinguish several logical levels. First come profiles or departments (dermatology, hematology, etc.), then specific services in each direction (ultrasound of internal organs, ECG, etc.).

What sections should be added to the administrative menu (information about the clinic):

About the clinicadvantages and information interesting to the user.
Reviewspeople rarely take doctors’ word for word and prefer to rely on the experience of others, we give site visitors this opportunity by adding a review block.
Our specialistswe make for each doctor a card with a full name, a highquality photo, information about education and experience: people often do not go to the clinic, but a specific doctor.

Clinic website functionality: which elements to add

Some user services are especially important when promoting a clinic website.

  • The form “Make an appointment with the doctor” (not “We will call you back!”). It helps customers save time and independently choose a “window” for receiving on the calendar without waiting for a call back from the clinic. To make it convenient for visitors to sign up for a specialist, and the clinic to regulate and track the load, it is best to configure integration with one of the online booking services. For example, Google Maps and others. You can use one service for posting on Maps, and for posting on your site.
  • The pages of the entry are for specialists of various profiles, as well as for specific doctors – at least to the most famous, who are searched for by last name.
  • Online chat, as an alternative to the telephone – so as not to lose applications because a person does not have time to call during the clinic’s working hours or is uncomfortable to voice the problem.
  • Information service “Question-answer”, where visitors can get express medical advice from a doctor. This section attracts traffic to you on low-frequency queries and makes the site much more interesting for potential customers, while half of the content in it is created by visitors.
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