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Effective website support: what you need to know

When creating any online business, website development is just the beginning. No matter how ideal your site is, only regular promotion and development can provide traffic and, accordingly, sales.

We want to share our experience with you and tell you about the main commandments of effective site support.

Constantly updating content

Add new products, photos to galleries of completed works, news from the life of the company, useful articles, instructions, etc. We recommend updating the information at least once a week. If the site has not been updated for a long time, this is a signal to search engines that no one is engaged in it.

  • Write unique (not copied), interesting and useful articles. Be sure to check for grammar and spelling errors.
  • Providing Professional Technical Support
  • Technical Support Components:
  • uninterrupted functioning of the site: protection against viruses, crashes, etc .;
  • site revision: creating new modules, sections, pages, connecting third-party services, etc .;
  • creation and functioning of a mailbox on a site domain.

Site support is a routine work aimed at maintaining the site’s health, at the information and technical levels. Website administration requires care, accuracy, accuracy, punctuality, knowledge of Internet marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization, layout, that is, requires a person who can support the site at a professional level.

Companies keeping pace with the times have long made their bet on the Internet. Companies data sites, as a rule, occupy leading positions in search engine rankings, are always of interest to customers and partners, correctly filled with content, and have a look corresponding to a high level. And the main emphasis of these companies is on the regular updating of information on the website – professional site administration.

Connect and analyze web analytics data

Visitor statistics is a very useful thing – with it you will know how many visitors visit your site daily, where they came from, which pages they looked at, and how many conversions they made. Knowing these indicators will help to make adjustments to the site and build a strategy for its further development.

Improving the usability of the site (usability)

Web analytics systems will help find problems on the site and will help to fix them. You may need to redesign, optimize the site structure, or refine the functionality.

Website Marketing Support

Website optimization and promotion is a very important point. They provide the flow of targeted traffic, that is, interested customers. With us, you can order comprehensive website promotion in the TOPs of search results.


No doubt – any site needs those support and maintenance. The continuity of its functioning and popularity among users will depend on this.

To ensure competent technical support for the site, you can use one of 3 options:

  • Create a support department in your own company.
  • Train existing employees.
  • Ask professionals for help.
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