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Free tools, services, and courses for entertainment during quarantine

Napso Holding has found some business tools, services, and applications for sports and education. And, of course, a lot of entertainment apps: games, cinema, museums, opera and much more.

  • Google Hangouts Meet

Also, it offers premium video service features for free. Now it’s possible without payment: make video conferences for up to 250 participants, arrange streams with up to 100,000 people, record meetings, and save recordings to Google Drive.

  • Zoom

This conference platform allows you to organize meetings for free for up to 100 participants. Group calls at a free rate can last up to 40 minutes, you can record them in video and audio.

  • Cisco Webex

Another enterprise video communications platform. For the duration of the pandemic, the free tariff has been expanded here – up to 100 people can participate in the conference, and it is not limited in time.

  • Web promo

Get free access to the “Complete Guide to the Basics of Internet Marketing in 10 Hours” workshop via chatbot. He will ask a few questions and in return will send a file with links to all the lectures of the seminar.

  • TED

Short inspirational videos about everything in the world. Here are two interesting resources: TED Talks lectures and TED-Ed. In the huge catalog, you can find what you need – by topic, language, and duration.

  • Duolingo

A free gamified language learning service. For Russian speakers, five languages are available here: English, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish.

  • Health

Taking up your free time with your studies is, of course, good. But the transition to remote work is also on average minus an hour of walking and several hours of human communication per day. I can assure you from my own experience: after a month, you will find yourself in back pain, sleep disturbances, and the first signs of depression without a clear schedule and sport.

  • Warm-up

Choose an activity to your liking. Those who love sports and will be able to practice at home – YouTube is full of training for the home. And if you haven’t been to the gym before quarantine, it’s better to try something simple.

  • Nike Training Club

It is a cool free app from Nike. It contains workouts from 15 to 45 minutes long, directions – power, interval, yoga. You can customize the application for yourself: specify the purpose of classes, level of activity, gender, height, and weight, and get an individual complex for several weeks. The application is available for android and iPhone.

  • 7-minute training

A training program for exactly 7 minutes with a timer and video instructions. You can set a goal to lose weight or gain weight, train the entire body or individual muscle groups, and also control your progress.

  • Museums

Napso Holding Limited advises to devote a couple of days to museums. You don’t have to go anywhere, even virtually – Google put them together in one project Arts & Culture.

For example, the British Museum – you will immediately find yourself in a cool interactive time map. On the map are all the exhibits of the museum by category, origin and time of creation.

  • Interactive map of the exhibits of the British Museum

Fans of impressionism – go to the Paris Museum of Orsay. You can also stroll through the vibrant Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City, wander around the Taj Mahal and see many more beautiful places and famous paintings.

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