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Mistakes when developing mobile applications. Part 2

Let’s consider some more developing errors.

5. No marketing strategy

It is necessary to think over a marketing strategy, at least in general terms, before writing a technical task. It is important.

A mobile application is a tool. Marketing is a way to use it. You can not first do something, something in between the hammer and pliers, and then look for her application. The tool is always made for a specific task.

The way to promote the application, options for interacting with the audience, communication channels with users, the analytical and advertising tools used should all be included in the initial version of the technical task.

It’s bad to think of ways to promote after the mobile application is already in the store.

6. Not organized testing

When developing mobile applications, special attention should be paid to product testing. Product testing is an essential element of development.

Correct testing includes the following steps:

  • Based on the marketing strategy, small cohorts (groups) of users are purchased that have clear differences, but at the same time fall into the target audience. For example, men 22-26 and 27-32 years old, interested in sports and having a family, in three different cities with a population of over one million;
  • The behavior of users in each cohort is analyzed: how often they use the application, how much they cost to attract, whether they bought the provided goods or services, and whether they solved their problems;
  • Work continues with the most lively cohort: necessary changes are made to the mobile application, it is more finely divided;
  • The publication of mobile applications is only the very beginning of the path to creating a product.

7. No customer feedback

Both at the testing stage and the stage of the first development steps, high-quality and convenient feedback with users is required. Organization of feedback when developing mobile applications is necessary. You should not look at the released product. We must openly communicate with customers.

Positive and negative emotions should be challenged: on the one hand, directing the reaction in the right direction, as constructive as possible, on the other, delivering information to you as quickly as possible, and with a detailed context.

Often this connection is either poorly organized or completely absent, while at the very beginning it is vitally necessary

8. No goals

Everyone wants his application to be popular and in demand. But without clearly defined goals, it is impossible to effectively organize both your work and the activities of the team.

The goal is specificity. What exactly should happen 3 months after launch so that you find the mobile application successful?

Perhaps this is ten thousand users, or a monthly turnover of five hundred thousand rubles. Whatever it is, it must be recorded and broken down into intermediate steps.

Often this goal is missing, which prevents the team from focusing on the result.

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