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How to create a mobile application

How to create mobile applications? The most obvious answer is to ask the developers to write the program according to the company’s needs. But this is not the only possible option.

To create programs on the Internet, you can find thousands of designers that do not require the user to develop skills, layout, and so on. The result can be fully used to work with customers and even published in the App Store or another software store. But there are pitfalls. There are a large number of mobile application designers on the market.

Ways to create a mobile application

Let’s compare two main ways to create mobile applications:

  • with the involvement of the developer;
  • via special constructors by yourself.

There will be many differences – from design and functionality to who will own the finished product. Each program has a front-end (an interface that the user sees) and a back-end (this part is seen and modified by the developer). As for the designer, the back-end is on his server.

What you need to create a mobile application

What you need to create a program depends on what you want to get as a result. A computer or laptop with an Internet connection and, of course, a smartphone on which you will experience the novelty is a mandatory technical requirement.

To make the program, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Determine the purpose and functionality of the future program, as well as the option of monetization, if it is planned;
  • Choose a designer on which you can sell it all;
  • Register and (if necessary) pay the subscription;
  • Select a template and fill it with content;
  • Personalize it by adding a photo, logo, etc.

The finished application will need to be tested and possible errors can be downloaded, then it can be downloaded to the store and offered to your current and potential customers to use.

Estimating the cost of creating a mobile application

Creating mobile applications starts with a budget. Therefore, if you have already decided what you want to get as a result, you can safely proceed to this step.

By contacting a senior student or an experienced developer with a portfolio of dozens of successful projects, you can hear the amounts that differ at times. If your company is not a startup that takes the first steps, it is better not to save on the contractor in such cases. The discerning audience will immediately notice the mistakes.

There is a practice to offer the developer who is engaged in the creation of the application, a share of its future profit. In this case, you will be able to partially reduce your costs in the preparatory phase.

Preparatory stage

This brainstorming is necessary before creating a program. The task of the stage is to find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of creating a program for the company?
  • Why does the consumer need it? What will motivate him to install the program on your smartphone or tablet?
  • What should the program be able to do so that the user can easily get what they are looking for?
  • On which platforms should the program work (for IOS, Android, Windows)?
  • Which method of creation from the above is suitable for you and how much will it cost to create a program and its further use?
  • What maintenance will be required after startup? For example, do you need to monitor your performance daily?

The task of this stage is to look at the future program from the user’s point of view. After all, you are looking for an answer to the question “How to make a mobile application?” just to have it installed on your smartphone.

Program development

The practical stage of creating programs is development. After a thorough analysis in the previous step, you already have the necessary features and characteristics of the future product. So you can choose a designer with them in mind.

There are thematic and general templates. For example, there is a special design for MobiCart online stores, where every detail is already provided. You can find templates for blogs, travel apps, fitness and beauty, and more online. It is worth studying them carefully – it may be enough to just add a little personality to the pages and the program is ready.

Launch and test a mobile application

Before the program sees the light, you need to make sure it works properly. If there are serious mistakes, all the work will be in vain.

You need a smartphone with a computer connected to the test. It can be replaced on a mobile device on a monitor.

In the testing process it is important to check:

  • how correctly all functions work;
  • whether it works with all planned types of operating systems;
  • whether it can withstand the increased user load;
  • how different changes in baud rate or mobile device status affect its performance.

There are automated programs for testing programs. However, nothing can replace manual operation. Ideally, it should be performed by a user who has not previously seen the interface and even more so did not participate in its development. If you choose the free option, ask someone you know about this service.

Mobile application promotion

The idea to make the application was implemented not only in your company – the competition among developers is very high. This is true not only for computer games and online stores but also for any other niche. Therefore, regarding how you will promote the program, you should think at the stage of preparation, and after launch regularly and consistently implement the selected activities.

The main option for promotion is advertising. Competently composed, it encourages the user to install the program. You can use Yandex and Google, social networks and related programs as advertising platforms, which may be of interest to your target audience.

It is not enough to create an attractive advertising campaign, to be effective, you need to analyze the results. With the help of end-to-end analytics, you can quickly get visual reports on the work of advertising on any site on the Internet and identify unprofitable channels. Data on transactions, leads and traffic will allow you to build a sales gap for the successful promotion of the mobile application.

But attracting is only half the battle. To turn a user who clicked “Install” into your loyal customer, you need a set of measures.

It includes:

  • regular updating of the material, if it is an information application;
  • periodic push notifications, for example, with information about discounts or promotions (not too often, otherwise the annoying program will be removed from the phone);
  • adding new features according to user needs;
  • work with feedback on various sites. Including negative, because they are especially studied before installation.

To get to the TOP of popular stores, just making the program is not enough. It must be constantly maintained and developed.

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